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Knockharley Cricket Club - Return to Training 2020

                                                                                                        Return To Training
This page contains the protocols for the first phase of our return to training, as well as the documentation which is required to be completed be all partaking members, and information for registering as a member of Knockharley Cricket Club and Cricket Leinster.

As part of our return to cricket, there are a number of requirements which members must fulfil before returning to training or using the club facilities:

Protocols: Cricket Ireland and Cricket Leinster have published a number of return to training protocols which outline how we can safely return to training. Each member is required to read the protocols which are relevant to them and ensure that they adhere to them at all times while training and using the club facilities.

Self Assessment Form: Each member is required to submit a self assessment form every 14 days to confirm that they are not displaying symptoms of Covid 19 and that they can safely take part in club activities.

Registration: Each member is required to be a paid up member of Knockharley Cricket Club, and members over the of 15 are required to be registered with Cricket Leinster, before attending training sessions or using the club facilities.

Booking System: As per the protocols, it is necessary for the club to run an online booking system to manage who is using the club facilities. Members are required to make a booking through the online system before using any of the club facilities or attending a club organised men's training sessions (women's and junior training is organised by the relevant sections). Members are asked not to use the club facilities without booking in advance.


A:Knockharley CC Protocols

   1.KCC Players & Parents - Back to Training Protocol

   2.KCC Coaches - Back to Training Protocol

   3.KCC CSO & CoVID Officers - Back to Training Protocol

B:Self Assessment Form

The self assessment document must be filled out by all participating members before returning to the club, and must be updated every 14 days. We also ask members to re-submit the self assessment form if any of the answers change.

Members attending club organized training will be asked for verbal confirmation that they have filled out the self assessment form in the past 14 days and that the information given is still correct.

The forms are available in two formats: Word document and Google Form.

To submit the form from the Word document, please download and print out the form, fill in the information and either scan or take a photo of the completed form and email it to

Adult Self Assessment Form
  Hard Copy in Word Format
  Soft Copy - Google Form

Parent/Youth Self Assessment Form
   Hard Copy in Word Format
   Soft Copy - Google Form