Knockharley Cricket Club

Knockharley Cricket Club History

       History of Knockharley Cricket Club

Knockharley is the only cricket club in county Meath competing in the Leinster Leagues. The club is located in Veldonstown, which is just 7 miles from Navan.
Currently Knockharley competes in three leagues in the Leinster Cricket Union and has had many successes over it's 25 year history.
We currently have Three Adult Teams and an U-13 boys team  which competes in the Leinster League.

Introduction of KCC Chairman: Duncan Grehan

Duncan Grehan is current Chairman of KCC . Appointed at the AGM in March 2015, he succeeds Conor fFrench-Davis as the third Chairman of the club since it was set up. A member of the club since 1983, Duncan has captained the KCC First X1 [1996], and also occasionally since then its Second X1 and Third X1 teams. A playing member, he is known for his bowling and regularly is asked to open the batting. He set up his law firm in 1984 and practices as a solicitor from 24 Suffolk St , Dublin 2 and since 1992 has resided with his wife, Barbara, and family in Dunsany , Co Meath.
He is an avid cricket enthusiast and has traveled in support of the Ireland X1 in 2007 to Jamaica and in 2015 to New Zealand ,Australia and Tasmania.
2017 and 2019, he toured Pakistan along with "The Wounded Tigers" XI

Origins - by Conor French Davis

Knockharley Cricket Club was founded in 1982 after it had been noticed that the game was being played during the summer months in back gardens
throughout the area during the previous year.  A group of interested persons approached Mr. Richard Byrne of Ashfield, Beauparc, County Meath who
had played the game over many years. Mr. Byrne was most enthusiastic and very generously made a piece of ground in a field behind his own house available
to the fledgling Knockharley Cricket Club. The following year league cricket was started in the Leinster League and at the end of their first season the club moved
up a league, a move that was repeated the following year.

In 1985 a second XI was started and an existing agricultural building was converted to a clubhouse with all facilities including a veranda into which all our
resources at the time were sunk. The second XI entered the bottom Leinster League in 1986 and has played league cricket consistently ever since.
In the late eighties a ladies eleven flourished with three successive moves up the league ladder in 1989, 1990 and 1991.
By 1992 Knockharleys first XI had progressed up through six leagues.

The old grounds at Ashfield were the host to many representative ladies matches, including an Inter-provincial in 1993 between North Leinster and Ulster.
The supreme moment came in 1995 when the under 19 International between Ireland and Denmark was held there as a follow-up to the
Ladies European Cup in July.

In 1994 Richard Byrne, on whose land the club had been playing on for eleven years announced his intention of retiring from farming.
In order to fulfil the terms of the farm retirement scheme it would be necessary to turn his farm over to this successors unencumbered, and so he was obliged to
give notice to the club that at the end of the subsequent season, in about eighteen months we would have to leave the grounds.

This was a watershed in the history of the club. The difficulty in finding a suitable landowner who was willing to restrict his/her farming activities in the area
where the games could be played was obvious. There was no question of folding up the club, so the logical course of action was to purchase our own ground.
Early the following year a piece of land only a mile and a half from the grounds of Ashfield, in the townland of Veldonstown became available.
Funds had started to be collected as soon as the club had made the decision to acquire a premises and the local community provided generous support.

This land was bought and became Knockharley's new cricket ground. Immediately the task of preparing a proper "square" was put in hand.
The outfield was also completely drained, tilled and re-sewn. All the work was carried out with the advice and supervision of the Leinster Cricket Union grounds