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Team selection policy

Knockharley Cricket Club Starring &Team Selection policy 2021

 I. KCC Selection Committee:

KCC Selection Committee (KCCSC) consists of Team Captains and Convenor of Selectors.

II. Starring of players for KCC Teams:

Once a month KCCSC meeting shall be held to discuss starring of players for the following month.
KCCSC shall meet on Thursdays prior to the starring list due date as prescribed by Cricket Leinster.
KCC Public Relations Officer shall advice in advance on the due date starring list submission.

III. Team Selection:

KCCSC shall meet on weekly basis (Thursday evening) to select teams for the weekend games.
Starred players will be selected for their respective teams unless they are unavailable

IV. Criteria:

Player is currently registered with Cricket Leinster as a KCC Player
Player is a paid up member of KCC for the current season
Previous performances of the player
Weekly training record
Team balance
Player’s over all attitude towards team, club & spirit of game of cricket

V. Important Notes:

The starring list for every month as well as the selected Teams for respective games will be
published on KCC social media platforms as well as the club website. This is to ensure transparency
and encourage healthy competitive environment amongst club members.
KCC PRO will post the decisions made.

Team captains are advised to have their choices and reasons ready for discussion

All members of committee will have input into selection of every team & amp; starring’s, we would
encourage & expect committee members to attend KCC games as much as possible to provide their

Youth players shall be given every opportunity to perform & exhibit their talent once they comply
with the Criteria set in this policy.

If any member has any query, concerns or suggestions regarding team selection/starring’s it should
be brought to the attention of the Convenor of Selectors for consideration & his final decision.

Knockharley Cricket Committee & Convenor of Selectors